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The retina is a thin layer in the back of the eye near the optic nerve. Its function is to send light to the brain so that it can read it in the form of visual images. It also helps us to distinguish colors and light degrees so that we can do daily activities such as reading and driving. Therefore, any damage to the retina affects the ability to see and hence poor sight.

Retinal detachment

This problem occurs when the retina dissolves from the blood vessel layer and the risk of loss of sight increases. This condition requires immediate treatment, there are several treatments including:

remove the glass body

This process takes place to remove the glass body from the eye to allow the doctor to reach the back of the retina treatment.

Injection of a therapeutic substance within the glass body

or what is known as “antenna retina stabilization” where an air bubble is injected within the central area of the eye to push the retina area of the eye wall to stop the liquid in the area behind the retina. After the operation, the patient will need to stabilize his head for several days until the retina heals and the bubble goes away.

Retinal laser

or photocoagulation, this process occurs before complete separation occurs, as the laser is directed on the iris of the eye until the tissue heals and protects it from separation.