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The cornea is the transparent part at the front of the eye that allows light and image to pass the back so we can see. Many problems can affect the cornea and lead to eye pain, redness and blurring of vision, which requires treatment.

The most common disease that may occur in the cornea is the conical cornea, which changes its shape to cone, dispersing light into the retina in a sound position to cause vision problems.

At PAKY eye care we provide the best treatments for conical cornea.

Fixation of the conical cornea

This process takes place in the early stages of the disease, where vitamin B2 is placed on the cornea and a strong dose of UV radiation is directed at it to increase the corneal stiffness and stop its conical deviation.

Cornea transplant

This surgery is resorted to in case of delay in treatment in the early stages.

There are two types of surgeries, macro and micro cultivation.

The total cornea transplant is a complete replacement of the cornea or Partial cultivation is only treated in the affected strata.