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Glaucoma or blue water

Glaucoma or blue water:

Blue water is the hypertension of the intraocular fluid, hitting the visual nerves resulting in gradual loss of vision. It was called blue water due to the appearance of blue in the pupil. Blue water can occur at all ages but is common in older adults.
There are several types of blue water, primary glaucoma that occur without cause and secondary glaucoma that occur due to high eye pressure due to other diseases, either of which can be chronic or acute, and therefore each type of treatment is appropriate.

At PAKY eye care we treat all types of blue water depending on the patient’s condition.

The most famous treatments:

– Reducing eye pressure using laser:

The discharge of hydro-materials in the eye is improved through the use of lasers to reduce eye pressure.

The duration of this procedure is not exceeding minutes, and it lasts for about five years.

– Discharge eye pressure by planting tube:

A tube on the hard eye is grown from outside in order to drain the water fluid out of the eye and thus reduce eye pressure.